General FAQ's

1. Is insurance included in the group tour cost?

Insurance is included in the tour packages for passengers who avail the ex-India package. The insurance is for the duration of the tour for all passengers up to 60 years of age. In case a passenger decides to deviate from the group tour, they will have to extend the insurance and pay the difference.

For passengers more than 60 years of age, kindly contact the sales person to know the premium and the cost differences.

2. What will be the tour cost for Passengers of Indian origin with foreign passports?

For such passengers, Ex-India tour cost will be applicable.

3. What type of accommodations do you offer on various group packages?

SGL - Per Person in Single Room

DBL - Per Person in Double Room

TRPL - Per Person in Triple Room

CNB - Child No Bed (below 12 years of age)

CWB – Child With extra Bed (below 12 years of age)

INF – Infant (below 2 years of age)

*Note these accommodations are destination specific

4. How is the transport/commuting facility done for passengers on Hook-on/ joining direct tours?

Passengers will have to travel on their own to and from the airport. In case the arrival coincides with the main group's timing, one can be transferred along the rest of the group to the hotel, depending upon the seat availability of the coach. It is the passenger's responsibility to meet the tour manager at the decided arrival hall and in case of flight delay, they are responsible for transportation to the hotel.

5. What happens to the 'to & fro' commuting services for passengers staying back before/after the group tour?

Passengers arriving earlier &/or staying back on their own are responsible for their transportation to and from the hotel.

Both way transfers will not be included.

6. Is the cost of Visa included in the group tour cost?

Yes, the cost of Visa is included in the tour cost (Ex-India travel) for airfare inclusive group holiday packages only. However, for joining direct customers on group tours, the cost of Visa is not included.

7. Can you help me with the Visa interview date?

We do help in checking the documents, applying online and fixing up the interview date but the dates are allotted online and are not in our control. Passengers may get to choose among the offered dates (if any) according to their convenience.

Please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

8. Is it possible to modify the group tour itinerary?

No. The group tour itineraries are fixed itineraries.

9. What is the process for deviation?

a) Passengers must give the deviation dates in writing, at least 45 days prior to departure.

b) Deviation request should be sent along with the booking form.

c) Provide 3 date options for each deviation.

10. How much will I be charged in case of deviation on a group tour?

The airfare difference between the initial group ticket fare and the new airfare for the deviation will be charged.

11. What if I don’t wish to travel in a group?

You may get in touch with us for our customized tour options.

12. Is there any fixed itinerary to follow in case of customized tour?

In case of a customized option, the sales staff will closely work with you to suggest the best travel itinerary. Since the tour is a customized one, you will be able to make changes to the itinerary.

13. Can we use the Toilets in the coach?

Due to hygiene concerns, passengers will not be permitted to use the coach's toilet. However, in case of an emergency, the tour manager may allow the same.

14. For how long are the air tickets valid?

All group tickets are valid for a period of 45 days. In case one wants to extend their ticket validity, they need to pay the difference in fare applicable at the time of issuance. However airline policies may vary & hence request you to check with the sales executive.

15. What if I don't want to visit a place/do sightseeing, that is included in the group tour itinerary?

No cost reductions will be given for group tours in case of an individual not visiting a planned stop.