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Top destinations in Greece and Turkey

Mediterranean calling

By Team Vacations Exotica

| 04/January/2019

Europe is a pandora’s box for travellers, in a good way. Once you travel to a certain country, you just can’t stop exploring its neighboring destinations, and before you know it, your trip that was originally meant for one country has now branched out to 3! It’s exciting, we know, but it is equally taxing, both mentally and financially. You may have some of the best tour packages from leading travel planners, but a little knowledge of some of the best places to see, doesn’t hurt, does it? Here, we’re telling you some of our favorite destinations to explore when you’re on a trip to Greece and Turkey.

Greece Ancient Monument

While touring Greece, you should keep in mind to visit the following destinations.


The Syntagma Square:

Greece is where the concept of democracy was born. And the Syntagma Square which houses the Greek parliament honors it rather beautifully. With Greek gothic pillars and majestic architecture, it is a must-visit location. The change-of-guard ritual is one of the popular attractions here.

The Greek Parliament in Athens 

The Panathenaic or the Olympic stadium:

It is no secret that among many things, Greece is also the place where the Olympics was born. And this historic stadium, with a seating capacity of 80,000 people, is built at the precise location where Pheidippides—the messenger who ran 42 kilometers had died.

The old Panathenaic stadium in Athens



Socrates—one of the greatest philosophers and a founder of western philosophy, is known to been executed by poisoning. The Hill of Mars, in Acropolis, is the place where the event took place. Other nearby attractions include the Temples of Athena, Zeus, and Poseidon.

View of the Acropolis of Athens - Greece


Corinth Canal:

For the ones with a craving for some adrenaline rush, Greece has a popular bungee jumping destination knows as the Corinth Canal. Deep blue waters surrounded by rock make this is a well-known tourist attraction.




Speaking about Greece, it is almost impossible to not mention Santorini. It is perhaps one of the most-loved destinations in the world. An island with numerous resorts, houses, and restaurants overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Santorini is the perfect place for a couples holiday or a relaxing family getaway.

Santorini Monument

There are some of the attractions in Greece, coming to our other destination—Turkey, below are some places you shouldn’t miss while planning a vacation in this beautiful country.



The country’s financial and cultural hub, Istanbul is the place to be if you wish to peek into the soul of Turkey. Ottoman Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Roman Hippodrome, and Topkapi Museum are some of the places you might want to check out. And if you’re in the mood for shopping, the Grand Bazaar will make sure you find authentic handicrafts, jewellery, tea, souvenirs, etc.




Cappadocia was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. Rock-cut churches, open-air museums, underground cities and caves make up this beautiful Turkish region.



A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pammukale is known for a carbonate mineral left by flowing water. Located in Turkey’s Inner Aegean region, the name Pammukale means cotton castle in Turkish.


These destinations will ensure you have a complete cultural as well as the historic trip of both Greece and Turkey. Be it a family holiday, a group holiday, honeymoon, or a solo trip, be sure to check these places out, and have a trip to remember for years and years to come!