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Romantic Getaways

The ultimate love destinations.

By Team Vacations Exotica

| 04/January/2019

Who doesn’t want to visit an exotic place with their partner? Who doesn’t want a story to be narrated to their neighbours? Who doesn’t want to celebrate their marriage in a lavish way?

If you’re someone who’s confused about where to go on your honeymoon, you’ve come to the right place. You can choose your desired tour package or opt for customized tour package just by one click. Be it Dubai or Athens and Santorini, you name it, we have it all.


Honeymoon in Dubai: 

For those who think deserts are hot and boring, Dubai is a must visit. The Desert Safari would change your opinion about them. You can enjoy and experience the thrill of the safari with your loved one.

Also, sunsets are considered an added element to the romance in the air. You can enjoy the world's most beautiful sunset from the highest point of the Burj Khalifa. Tempting enough? Wait, that's not all.

You get to visit Palm Jumeirah, one of those few islands which are visible to naked eye from space. To add onto the romance, you also get to enjoy dinner with your partner on a private yacht. Who would want to miss this chance? Dubai honeymoon packages will you a complete experience of thrill, luxury and entertainment.


Next, we have our personal favourite, Honeymoon in Athens and Santorini.

From candlelight dinners to a walk at the beach, this place is the honeymooners Paradise. You also get a chance to go for a 1-day cruise. Mind you, you are visiting Athens, one of the world's oldest cities. You are definitely going to encounter many historical monuments.

And what do we say about Santorini, it is so ironic that a natural destruction (volcanic eruption) created the beauty of this island. You get to see picturesque white, black and red beaches which will make you go in awe. Why else would we call this place lover's paradise?


Pangkor Laut:

Don't go on its name. An island situated near Malaysia, it's one of the best places to go for a hideaway and be intoxicated by this exotic getaway. You get to enjoy a combination of Thai, Indian, Malay, and Chinese programs at the Spa Village.

There's no end to the beauty this island boasts. You get to visit a 2 million old virgin rainforest on this island. It's a trip worth taking.


Palawan Romance and Luxury package:

On a honeymoon, what do you need? Romance and Luxury, and that's exactly what we are offering you. Adventure also adds spice to your vacation. You can enjoy kayaking or snorkelling on the island and breathe in the breathtaking view. Huma island is known for its flora and fauna. It's declared as a world nature sanctuary and is home to a lot of protected species. You might get lucky and witness gorgeous dancing dolphins or blue stars on the sand.

Khao Lak:

It's more than just a beach. It gives you and your partner ample amount of time together. You would waste your money if you miss the adrenaline rush, with activities such as white water rafting, scuba diving, and zip lining.

Who doesn't want a dinner under the stars? If you do, your wish is about to come true. Enjoy the beautiful ambience of a candlelit dinner on the beach, with personalized service.


Go for it!