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Places to visit in Scandinavia

Your Scandinavian Sojourn

By Team Vacations Exotica

| 04/January/2019

Scandinavia is a region of Europe, which consists of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland mainly Sometimes, Iceland is also considered a part of this region. This region, mostly popular for its extreme cold conditions and the northern lights, has a lot more to offer. Here's a list of places to visit on your Scandinavian holiday:


1. Tivoli Gardens:

Wander through the Tivoli gardens which is an amusement park that has activities and rides for all ages including roller coaster rides, hall of mirrors and open-air theatres. It was originally built to take the minds of the people off politics.


2. Flam Railway:

Flam railway is one of the most stunning and scenic train journeys that takes you through some of Norway’s most beautiful Fjord scenery, steep valleys, mountains and thundering waterfalls. You can experience this scenic route from Bergen to Oslo.


3. Take a walk in Strömstad

A quaint town in Sweden, this is the perfect place to have a peaceful walk between old buildings and pebbled roads. Apart from the architecture, you can visit the Koster islands and enjoy a boat ride between a cluster of forested islands.

You can take a train to Strömstad from Gothenburg Central Station. If you're travelling from Oslo, you can take a train to Halden and from there, take a bus to Strömstad.


4. Legoland

This is one of Denmark's main attractions, sitting right outside Copenhagen, this theme park houses more than 340 billion pieces of Lego which form a lot of interesting structures. The Lego structures include boats, trains and cars built of millions of Lego blocks.

You can take a train towards Billund, followed by a bus ride. There are flights available as well.


5. Trollstigen

This road is one of the most popular stretches of tarmac in Norway. This road spirals up the mountain with more than 10 hairpin bends. You will encounter a gravity-defying platform and a lot of viewpoints of the bare rock scenery all around. If you're lucky, you may get rains which results in water sliding down the road, adding thrill to the upwards journey.

The Trollstigen national tourist route is accessible from Oslo, via train, plane, car and bus.


6. Visit Bergen

This is a historic harbour, located on the west coast of Norway. A town full of picturesque wooden houses with traditional old patterns. The original compact and medieval urban structure is preserved with long and narrow rows of buildings facing the harbour, separated by narrow wooden passages.

Bergen is a 7-hour train journey from Oslo.

Scandinavia is a cold region, do carry a lot of warm clothes. And oh, don’t forget to visit the Fjords of Norway!