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Guide To Planning The Perfect International Summer Holiday

Beat this summer with our summer holiday packages.

By Team Vacations Exotica

| 19/December/2019

Summer calls for more than just ice creams, checking for AC repairs and getting those comfy cotton outfits out. Summers also mean vacations with the family and friends. Young or old; as the mercury rises, everyone is excited to pack and leave to a cool, better, place filled with relaxation, excitement, & fun. The internet returns a massive travel log along with the best holiday packages around the world.  Before you spiral into the frenzy of short listing destinations and putting together an action-packed vacation, there are several mindful things you should chalk out for yourself. How soon should you start planning your summer vacation? What’s the trending place for Summer 2020? Is the destination child-friendly?

Follow these summer holiday planning tips to make your next trip the most memorable one.

Book Early

Have you circled in on your perfect destination for this summer season yet? Now is a good idea to narrow down the options as summer is often the peak vacation time for most places around the world. If you plan early enough, you can enjoy the best deals. Do not forget to check out the attractive international summer vacation tour packages from Vacations Exotica for some inspiration. You’ll find everything from scenic national parks, heritage architecture, dreamy castles and iconic sights from the must-see destinations scattered across Europe, America, Canada and New Zealand.


Decide Where To Go

You’ll often realize that travelling in a group translates to accommodating everyone interests. Make sure that the place you choose and the itinerary includes something each person wants to do.  No matter what ages your kids are or how big the family is, the choices of destinations across the globe are limitless. Maybe you want to head to the coast or maybe you want to take a structured vacation and soak in all the must-see landmarks. Vacations Exotica offers a wide range of destinations that can offer a mix of fast-paced, relaxed, luxurious experiences. So, what’s it going to be – a bustling European city with rich cultural history or the peace and tranquility of Canadian Rockies?

Top Picks For An Ideal Summer Vacation

In no particular order, check out our picks for where to travel in the summer -

Europe brings along a series of spectacular landscapes and varied choices of things to do/things to see. You cannot get over the beauty of Austria or the snow-capped charm of Switzerland. Boat rides, Alpine houses, traditional coffee houses, Christmas markets, cobbled streets, castles, beer gardens, opera houses are just a few things to list when you sign up for Europe tour packages.  

Canada tour packages span the winter wonderland which flaunts several shimmering lakes, quiet national parks, pristine shores and relaxed wineries.  There’s never a dull moment as there is ample opportunity to explore hiking, biking and water activities. Both, Canada and USA tour packages will ideally not take any longer than 11-13 days if you wish to explore the must-see destinations in leisure. 

You may have tons of options, but when the Mediterranean calls, you can’t shy away! Turkey and Greece holiday packages cover complete cultural as well as historic parts, letting you unabashedly enjoy the sun and sand alongside the azure vastness of the beaches. An ideal time of 7-8 nights gives the right flavour of Mediterranean culture and places.


Planning an international vacation means chalking out a thorough itinerary, paying close attention to documentation work, travel arrangements, stay options, car rentals, possible advance vaccination for kids and so much more. But what if all the legwork is already ironed out and all you have to do is just pack and leave!

The fun of going on an adventurous holiday translates to leaving some aspects to pure chance. But if you like everything planned down to the minute, then booking everything well ahead of time and with a trusted travel partner seems pragmatic. Don’t wait till the last minute! Check out a whole range of exciting destinations for international summer holidays that Vacations Exotica has to offer and sure something is likely to pique your interest.