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European Vacation – Best of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany Tour

A spectacular series of landscapes

By Team Vacations Exotica

| 02/July/2019

The good news is that every corner of Europe has something exciting, adventurous, breathtaking and tranquil for your discerning taste in overseas travel. Destinations such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany are irresistible and provide a treasure trove of unique luxurious activities. The serenity of Switzerland, scenic beauty of Austria and the roughness of Germany are experiences you just can’t miss. Whether it is your first time or a repeat visit to Europe, it promises to leave you with lasting memories and fall in love all over again.


Start your day sipping on a hot cup of coffee against the breathtaking Alps. A panoramic view in Interlaken or Lucerne typically involves scenic lakes, valleys, snow covered mountains and glaciers. A day trip to Mount Titlis - Switzerland’s most popular attraction, Jungfraujoch, revolving cable car from Engelberg to Mount Titlis and Titlis Cliff Walk are must-try activities.

There are lots of elements that tap into the adventurous aspect of visiting Switzerland such as skydiving, canyoning, hiking; however, you can put up your feet in the comfort of your luxury resort and enjoy the view or sign up for an exciting day amidst nature.

Switzerland is home to the world’s finest chocolates. Wherever you go, the sweet scent of Swiss chocolates will follow. Tour de Chocolat organises workshops, sampling experiences, lessons, and dining experiences with prominent chocolatiers. You can squeeze in the vineyards of Lavaux and the cute little town of Zermatt in your relaxed itinerary.


The picturesque beauty of Austria can be overwhelming to those living in skyscraper jungles. An exquisite break into tranquility, Austria is a splendid mix of galleries, gardens, museums, quaint cafes, opera houses and exquisite gastronomical experiences. Vienna is a princely gem that comes alive in the Vienna State Opera House, Imperial Palace, City Hall, and Schönbrunn Palace.

 Take a step back in history and revel in the yesteryear magic during your walking tour in Salzburg. The traditional Austrian food and drink culture speaks volumes of the rich and fascinating history of Austria. Hallstatt is a relaxed town surrounded by Alpine houses and alleyways that rightfully captures the essence of staple natural beauty. Traditional coffee houses, bike and boat rides, magical Christmas markets will make you book the next flight to this amazing country.


No matter the weather, there are always exciting and fun things to do in Germany. There are many famous landmarks in the metropolitans such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt that can be visited, come rain or shine. Germany is a huge country with great cathedrals, majestic castles, magical countryside, historic cities and noteworthy music legends. A visit to Germany provides a distilled experience – the 19th century neo-romantic Neuschwanstein Castle, the baroque beauty of Dresden and the port city of Hamburg are places you must include on your itinerary.

Germany is home to some of the most noted musicians and composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Weber and Richard Strauss. Munich is a little upscale but has many popular and must-visit beer gardens, and beautiful parks. The BMW Museum and Olympia Park are perfect places to spend evenings