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An American Bucket List

A Classique In Itself

By Team Vacations Exotica

| 04/January/2019

Let’s face it. You can either keep ‘Liking’ post after post on Instagram, marveling at all the magnificent experiences that America has to offer or you can just pack your bags and that beloved selfie stick and brace yourself for an adventure of a lifetime. Here a warning thought, if USA tour is on your mind, always make a Bucket List.  You can obviously take inspiration from the Morgan Freeman’s and Jack Nicholson’s of the world. Just saying.

We’ve decided to make things a little easier for you by creating a Bucket List of things you must-must do if you are in the United States of America.


See the ‘Big Apple’ – New York

If Alicia Keys and Jay-Z sang a song in its honor, it must be super special, right? Indeed, it is. From the Brooklyn Bridge that graces the magnificent skyline to an array of sculptures, monuments and fountains spread across lush-green grass in Central Park. Don’t forget to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum while you are there. For those who have an artistic side, The Metropolitan Museum of Art would be a marvel in itself. And we know it’s already on your list, but we’ll still go ahead and remind you to get a glimpse of Lady Liberty too. 


Experience the Hunger Games – Nom Nom 

Inserts must eat cheesesteak line here and moves on. Honestly, now that we have moved passed the cheesecake conversation, we’d like to tell you about the hidden gastronomical marvels in this wonderful place. But, since we must shortlist the best of the best, here are our Top 10 must hogs: Apple Pie, The Hamburger, Clam Chowder, Bagel and Lox, Deep-Dish Pizzas, Texas Barbecue, Hominy Grits, Tacos and Thanksgiving. We know what you're going to say, "Thanksgiving isn't really a food." Duh! But it's an important event on the American calendar and it's an experience that surpasses everything else, burrrp, sorry we just got a little emotional and hungry there.

Take a Road-trip

Doesn’t matter if it’s not supposed to be on. If you want to see the best of USA, a road-trip is a must for you. It might seem like a scene straight out of a movie but a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco amidst the highway with a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean.

Fall for something

Before you jump to conclusions we just want to clear that we’re referring to the Niagara Falls. The main attraction and the perfect example of why most people’s Bucket List has the falls mentioned on it. Experience a thrilling boat ride aboard the Maid of the Mist or bear witness to the thunder in the Cave of the Winds Adventure Walk. For those who like it quiet, watching the Niagara Falls by night can be quite soothing too.


Live like there’s no tomorrow

And there’s only one place in the world to do it – VIVA LAS VEGAS. The glitz and glam of Vegas. The casinos, the lights, the people and the experience, you better not die before making a trip to the gambling capital of the world, folks. You can thank us later. We know you will for this one.

We’ll conclude by saying this – America is a paradise that only a few get to witness in their lifetime, if you want to be one of those lucky souls, let Vacations Exotica help you plan your customized USA tour package and take you on the adventure of a lifetime as we travel across USA and help you make your Bucket List a reality.

P.S: We won’t be responsible for all the extra calories you put on during your vacay. #JustSaying