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Amazing Destinations That Greet Indians With Visa-On-Arrival

Popular destinations that promise visa on arrival

By Teams Vacation Exotica

| 16/January/2020

The world is a big place and travelling is always fun! But sometimes, we tend to worry, when it comes to international travel. Booking a flight, finding the right travel partner or with so many rules, getting a visa! The pain of applying, waiting and finally getting the visa in hand sometimes has the ability to put off a much-awaited vacation to your dream destination. Now here’s a simple way out! It sounds quite unbelievable but it’s true, there are over 50 amazing international destinations where Indians can visit without prior visa commitments.
You heard it right! Getting a visa on arrival for some of these destinations is as easy as ordering a pizza. No boring interviews, no tedious biometrics and no more toiling in queues! Don’t believe us?
An Indian passport can take you to a number of countries around the world with visa-on-arrival. The specifications for the visa for countries are divided into three categories – countries that require a visa before travel, countries that offer visas on arrival and visa-free countries. Indian passport holders can travel to more than 50 countries with a ‘visa-on-arrival’ policy. That being said, here is a pick of our popular destinations that promise visa on arrival without the hassle of waiting for it.


One of the most popular beach destinations of South East Asia and the land of white elephants, Thailand is one of the most preferred holiday destinations for Indians. Monasteries, temples, beaches, nightlife, Thai cuisine, and flea markets provide innumerable recreational opportunities for travelers, thus making it a popular holiday spot. Thailand Package
Visa Fees: 2000 THB
Validity: 15 days
Best time to visit: November - February
Documents to carry:
1. Valid passport with a minimum validity of 30 days
2. Return ticket and hotel booking confirmation
3. Minimum funds of 20,000 THB

One of the happiest countries in the world does not require a visa for Indians; so why not plan your next holiday indulging in picturesque monasteries, delicious Bhutanese cuisine and architectural splendor?Bhutan Package
Visa Fees: N/A as it is visa-free
Validity: N/A
Best time to visit: All around the year
Documents to carry:
Any of the two valid 'Travel Documents’:
1. Valid Indian Passport having validity of minimum 6 months; and/or
2. Voter Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India. No Visa is required to visit Bhutan.

Mauritius spells luxury. Pristine beaches, luxurious resorts and beautiful underwater worthy experiences is Mauritius in a nutshell. With soft sand under your feet and aqua blue waters, you know you are in one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Mauritius Package
Visa Fees: Free
Validity: 60 days
Best time to visit: May-December
Documents to carry:
1. Confirmed accommodation booking in the country.
2. Sponsorship to get a visa on arrival.
3. Confirmed return flight booking.
4. Sufficient funds to bear all the expenses during your stay in Mauritius.


Blend of ancient culture and modern tourism, Cambodia is ideal for those who like a mix of jungle hiking, temple visits and beaches all in one. Cambodia is home to abundant wildlife, remote islands and boasts of the ancient religious architectural wonder Angkor Wat. Cambodia Package
Visa Fees: Rs. 1,437 or USD $20
Validity: Up to 90 days but stay cannot extend 30 days
Best time to visit: November-March
Documents to carry: 
1. An original passport with a validity of at least 6 months.
2. Recent photograph with a white background.
3. Confirmed return flight ticket.
Sufficient funds to bear all the expenses during your stay in Cambodia.

Worthy of an impeccable vacation, Maldives offers exquisite experiences. The exotic destination offers thirty days free visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. But for an extended stay, travelers have to ask for renewal of visa.Maldives Package
Visa Fees: Free for 30 days and 3,350 for extension up to 90 days
Validity: 30 days, extendable to 90 days
Best time to visit: November-April
Documents to carry:
1. A valid passport with Machine Readable Zone along with 6 months of validity.
2. A valid flight ticket.
3. Enough funds to ensure your stay in the Maldives or a resort/hotel booking confirmation.


Best known for its wildlife reserves, the wildebeest migration and urban core, Kenya is the land of adventures. Fit for those who seek exciting wildlife avenues, this magical land of endangered species such as the black rhinos at the Masai Maara reserve is a sight to behold. Kenya Package
Visa Fees: Rs 3,550 or USD $50 for a single-entry visa
Validity: Upto 3 months
Best time to visit: June-October
Documents to carry:
1. A copy of the confirmation page of the application form with the date and applicant's signature or a print out of Kenyan eVisa.
2. A copy of flight reservation ticket and hotel reservation ticket.
3. Recent bank statement.
4. Certificate of yellow fever vaccination as Kenya is a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission.


Nurtured by nature, Sri Lanka is undoubtedly one of the best concealed beauties across the globe. Gorgeous beaches, rolling mountains, beautifully carved temples, azure beaches, and small villages call out to the relaxed traveler. The island nation doesn’t ask for a pre-entry visas from Indian tourists but an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) visa upon arrival which takes as little as 30 minutes. Sri Lanka Package
Visa Fees: US$ 48
Validity: Upto 30 days
Best time to visit: December-March
Documents to carry: for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) visa
1. An original passport with the validity of at least six months.
2. Confirmed return ticket.
3. Sufficient funds to bear all the expenses during your stay in Sri Lanka.

Visa is that one bit that gets travellers nervous about any international trip. But what if this procedure was simply made easy upon arrival? All you have to do is select an appropriate destination of your preference, pack your bags, book a package on Vacations Exotica and off you go!
Detailed above are just some of the few countries on top of our list that offers visa upon arrival to Indian tourists. Below is a complete list including those remainder countries that make your visa applications hassle-free. If you wish to seek an insight into packages for these visa-friendly countries or plan your next holiday, visit the Vacations Exotica website.

Visa-on-Arrival Countries To Visit With Indian Passport
• Ecuador
• Samoa
• Togo
• Bahrain
• Moldova
• Sao Tome and Principe
• Ethiopia
• Bolivia
• Jordan
• Myanmar
• Seychelles
• Tuvalu
• Cambodia
• Macedonia (FYROM)
• Kenya
• Somalia
• Uganda
• Cape Verde
• Gabon
• Laos
• Palau
• Sri Lanka
• Comoros
• Georgia
• Madagascar
• Rwanda
• Zambia
• Cote d’Ivoire
• Tanzania
• Zimbabwe
• Djibouti
• Guinea-Bissau
• Mauritania
• Saint Lucia
• Thailand
• Guyana
• Timor-Leste

Visa-free Countries to Visit with Indian Passport
• Nepal
• Bhutan
• Maldives
• Qatar
• Macau
• Palestine
• Mauritius
• Indonesia
• Serbia
• Tunisia
• Svalbard
• French Southern & Antarctic Lands
• Micronesia
• Western Sahara
• Senegal
• Vanuatu
• Fiji
• Niue
• Montserrat
• Saint Kitts and Nevis
• Dominica
• Barbados
• British Virgin Islands
• Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
• Cook Islands
• Grenada
• Turks and Caicos Islands
• Trinidad and Tobago
• Haiti
• Jamaica
• El Salvador
• Pitcairn