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10 reasons why you should take a cruise trip

Cruise away!

By Team Vacations Exotica

| 04/January/2019

They say cruise travel is not for everyone, well, we beg to differ. With numerous cruise tour packages and hundreds of itineraries to choose from, there is a cruise package to suit every traveler’s dream vacation. There is something very alluring about being out on the open sea, beer in hand while you relax by the pool and cruise through grand rivers and marvel at the picturesque view of islands and villages pass you by. Who wouldn’t love that?! Whether you are cruising through the majestic river Nile in Egypt or the mighty Yangtze river in China, there is something very special and unique only to a cruise travel, that can make your dream vacation a memorable one. Frequent cruise travelers can agree to that and if you are a first-time cruise traveler, you’re in for a treat! Not convinced yet?

Here are ten reasons why you should take a cruise vacation.



1. Unpack only once

Now for light travelers, this may not make much sense but for those who like to pack heavy during vacations (and you know who you are), this is a much-needed stress relief. All heavy travelers understand the value of not having to pack/unpack every time you travel to a new destination. With a cruise vacation, you can explore different location with having to unpack only once. And all travelers will appreciate when your own comfy bed moves with you wherever you go.


2. Explore more, see more

Unlike road trips, cruise travel takes place on open seas and rivers. Meaning there is no traffic or hassle on the way of your dream vacation. You will be surprised how much distance you can cover in a single day on a cruise, unlike the traditional journey by road. No matter how long your cruise vacation is, you will be able to explore much more and see much more than on other conventional vacations.


3. You get to meet the most interesting people

Vacations are the best occasions to meet some of the most interesting people. While you can meet new people on a traditional vacation, cruise vacations offer you the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world and develop deeper bonds. When you are going to spend a few days or more on the same cruise, you might as well make some new friends. And the best part, it’s easy to break the ice with a stranger because you already have something in common, your cruise vacation.

4. Consistent quality of accommodation and service 

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have experienced the inconsistencies of service and accommodation in your travels. While some places offer better accommodation, some places offer a better service. This is not the same in case of a cruise trip. Once you have selected a cruise package and itineraries of your liking, you will be treated with the same quality of accommodation, service, food etc., throughout the trip.

5. That amazing view out of your window

Imagine waking up to a beautiful view of the open sea every morning, amazing, right? Well, that’s what a cruise vacation offers and more. To top it off, some cruise cabins come with an open balcony, and there’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a cup of tea (or champagne) while you gaze at the endless view of the vast sea.



6. Almost everything is paid for in advance

Room, food and transportation are three of the most expensive part of any vacation. While every tour packages are paid for in advance but while you spend your vacation on land, you are bound to spend extra on various miscellaneous activities or unplanned detours. But in cruise travel, almost everything comes included in the itinerary you choose and you don’t have to worry about spending extra.

7. Safari on water

The open ocean not only gives you the opportunity to explore places, and if you are lucky enough, you can also be treated with sights of some of the most amazing ocean wildlife which, of course, cannot be found on land. We all love pleasant surprises and who wouldn’t love to be surprised by the sight of a pod of dolphins swimming along your cruise.

8. Fun while you cruise

Every cruise package offers numerous onboard activities to keep you busy and entertained. You can, of course, opt to lounge in the sun by the pool or lounge in the sun, by the pool, on the open sea. The latter does sound out of this world and that’s just one of the many things you can experience in a cruise vacation. You can go wine-tasting, enjoy a sensual spa or a live band performance. It’s fun all the way!!

9. Easy to plan

All cruise vacation packages come included with transportation and accommodations, and hence they're very easy to plan. Pick your cruise package, itinerary and cabin, and away you go! Yes, it is as simple as that. No more browsing through thousands of hotels in your price range, or managing travel between cities. A cruise trip does not require any elaborate plan or hundreds of sticky notes, you just pick and go. Almost all cruise packages have plans in place for group travel, eliminating the hassle of coordinating with your 20 family members and friends from around the country who want to vacation with you. Book enough cabins and you might be lucky enough to get one cabin free, or heavy discounts at the least!

10. Something different

When was the last time you experienced something so exciting in a restaurant, or while driving from one destination to another during a vacation? Now if the answer doesn’t pop up in your head within 10 seconds, then the answer is as good as no. Be it exploring the mighty open seas, looking at some of the most breath-taking views of towns or villages or just feeling the ocean breeze cut through your body, a cruise trip offers something so exciting and unique that it is worth a try.

Now that we have convinced you of what you’ve been missing, you are ready to go on cruise trip but don’t know where? Well, look no further. Vacations Exotica has some of the best cruise tour packages for you to choose from. And trust us, this vacation is going to be a memorable one. So, what are you waiting for, check out our tour packages, pick your destination, and sail away! Happy cruising!!