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What is a Holiday Package ?

  • It is a combination of products and services which takes care of your required / selected needs which may include some among the listed ahead like Flights, Hotels, Sightseeing, Transfers, Cruise, Rail, Travel Insurance with Visa & Forex (For International Travel) or all of them. It depends / varies upon your inclusions and exclusions selected in the combination of products and services which you plan to book.
Group Holidays or Group Inclusive Tour (GIT) :

These are pre-designed holiday packages for various destinations in India and abroad which have fixed departure dates and are executed by Tour Managers / Local Representatives.

Themed Holidays which include :
  • Personal or Free Independent Travelers (FIT) :
    These are pre-designed holiday packages for various destinations in India and abroad which do not have a fixed departure dates which have a greater scope customization.
  • Honeymoon :
    These are pre-designed holiday packages for couples to exquisite destinations in India and abroad or opt for an anniversary getaway.
  • Adventure :
    These are pre-designed holiday packages set in specific geographic locations around the globe where the adventure seekers can make their choice in indulging in adventure holidays like rock climbing, river rafting, tent stay etc.
  • Family :
    These are pre-designed holiday packages for various destinations in India and abroad which are tailored specially for a family.
  • Pilgrimage :
    These are pre-designed holiday packages to religious places around in India and abroad, holy places of worship and beliefs, where one can spiritually connect one’s self with the almighty.
  • Rail :
    These are pre-designed holiday packages especially in Europe where the journeys / transfers are done on Railways than on Coaches or Flights. They provide more immersive scenic experience as you pass through scenic countryside, the Alps , along the rivers, the Fjords and much more.
  • Cruises :
    These are pre-designed holiday packages for various destinations around the globe where you experience your part or a complete holiday on a cruise.
  • Self Drive :
    These are pre-designed holiday packages where are the travel is done driving a car or an SUV by self on rental basis. It may or may not include accommodation. However, it is mandatory for the driving passenger to have an internationally valid license.
  • Customized Holiday :
    These are holiday packages which are created as per specifications. Attention to details is the key here where even the smallest requests and needs are taken into consideration while tailoring this holiday. In short, it is perfectly ‘tailored as per your needs and requirements’.
  • Meetings / Incentives / Conferencing / Exhibitions (MICE) Tours :
    These are tours which are created and managed especially for groups of corporate employees to domestic and well as international destinations. Our MICE tours are aimed at providing all needs of a corporate employees / agents to enjoy a rewarding experience.
  • Leave Travel Concession LTC :
    These tours are specially catered for government employees who book, pay and travel on their privileged leave for a holiday paid by the organization.
  • How to book a Holiday Package ?
    Below are the steps to book a Holiday Package: Check out all our available packages on the website and fill in the Enquiry form from the package section or alternately fill in the detailed Enquiry Form by clicking Enquiry on Top of the website. As per the Enquiry details our Sales Staff will contact you by email or a call as per your convenience. Alternately you can also directly call on the toll free number provided on top of the page. Our sales team will get in touch with you and provide you with a list of packages best suited to your needs / requirements along with the final quote and booking amount (in case of Domestic holidays) or booking amount + visa charges (in case of International holidays) Once the booking amount is collected, depending on the tour and departure date the sales person shall advise you about the final payment.
  • What are the important documents needed to travel on an International Holiday?
    A passport with minimum validity of 6 months from the date of travel (It may differ depending on the country you plan to visit). Handwritten Passports are not valid. A valid Visa from the consulate of the country you wish to visit.
  • Whom should I contact if I face any issue on tour ?
    If on a Group Holidays its advised to inform your Tour Manager in charge as he or she is capable of resolving issued at hand in most cases. In case of Themed & Customized Holidays you can drop an email or contact the sales staff as mentioned in the briefing sheet.
  • Does Vacations Exotica only provide International Holidays ?
    No. Vacations Exotica also excels in Domestic / Indian Holidays, MICE tours & LTC packages as it does in International Holidays.


  • What is a twin sharing room ?
    2 Adults sharing 1 room with 2 separate single beds.
  • What is a double room ?
    2 Adults sharing 1 room with 1 double (Queen Size / King Size bed.
  • What is a triple room ?
    3 Adults sharing 1 room with 1 double (Queen Size) bed with an extra bed / rolling bed for the third person.
  • What is the age slab for a child price?
    Any child below 12 years qualifies for a child price.
  • What is the check-in time at the hotels ?
    The hotel check-in time begins after 14:00 / 15-00 hrs local area time. However, we advise you to reconfirm with the specific hotel for accurate time. It may differ from hotel to hotel in rare cases.
  • Will my hotel hold my room if I may be arriving late ?
    Since your reservations are guaranteed, hotels are obliged to hold your room till early morning of the next day of your arrival date. However, its best advised to inform your hotel directly about your late arrival and your expected time of arrival so that the room is not occupied for another client. Note: However during peak season time some hotels may pass your room to a new client if not informed about your late arrival.
  • Can I check-in early at the hotel ?
    Early check-ins are always subject to room availability and it is up to the discretion of the hotel to allow it. If you need an early check in it is always advised to inform the hotel beforehand and place a request for the same so that if possible necessary arrangements can be made. Hotels may levy additional charge for an early check-in.
  • Is hotel booking modifications possible?
    Hotel booking modifications are highly non-advisable as the booking has to be cancelled and a new one has to be made instead. This attract cancellation fee as applicable. Some hotels do support room upgrade facility at the time of check-ins but are only subject to availability.
  • Is identity proof required at hotels during check-in ? If yes, then which ones are valid ?
    Yes, Identity proof is mandatory. Indian Nationals for hotels within India by presenting the Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter’s ID or Passport. For Foreign Nationals in hotels within India need to show their Passport. For Indian Nationals in hotels abroad (outside India) need to show their passports.


  • What is an E-Ticket ?
    E-Ticket is a paperless electronic travel document with respective Flight, Cruise or Train Travel Details which allows you to proceed with your travel. For Check-in to your flight you have to exchange the E-Ticket for your boarding pass at the Airport Counter. For Railways (Train Segments in Europe) use the printout of the document directly as a ticket to travel. For cruises submit the print outs of your e-documents to the officer at the port of embarkation while boarding the cruise ship.
  • How are the Seats Allocated? Can I get seat as per my Preference?
    Seats are usually auto-allocated as per availability on first come first served basis on all modes of transport. In cases of Airlines & Cruises, we can assist you to get a seat of your choice at an extra price (depending on the airline/cruise), but subject to seat availability. In cases of Trains (Rail Europe) seats are auto-allocated as per availability and selected fare and cannot be selected as per preference. In cases of coaches seats are available on first come first serve basis.
  • What is the baggage allowance / limitations ?
    Flights : All domestic flights allow 20 kgs of Checked luggage & 5 kgs for cabin baggage. However, it can be further checked with the airline directly. For international flights the baggage limit varies from airline to airline so it is best advised to check directly with the airline or our sales team.
  • Cruises :
    As allowed by the cruise liner. It differs for passengers as per cabin class selected. Trains (Rail Europe) : Two large items and one small hand baggage is allowed. Usually there is no weight restriction for regional trains in Europe but it is advised to travel light. Only Eurostar & Renfe AVE trains have certain restrictions as per dimensions. Baggage allowances can be checked on the train operator’s website.
  • Coaches :
    As per the space provided in the coach. Its best advised to travel light.
  • What can be done if I miss my Flight / Train (Rail Europe) ?
    In case you miss your Flight, cancellation charges will be levied as applicable. If you are at the airport, you can approach the airline ticketing counter and book a new ticket for the next flight by paying difference in fare. However, it is strictly subject to seat availability. In case of Train (Rail Europe), it depends on the after sales policy of your train tickets. Most of the tickets are non-refundable once the train departs. If after sales policy of your ticket support exchange then by paying difference in fare, you may be issued a new ticket, but subject to seat availability on the next train. If you are issued an open ticket with reservation for your travel segment, you can travel on the next train by purchasing only the seat reservation, but subject to seat availability on your requested train.


  • What is a VISA ?
    VISA (Visitor Intending to Stay Abroad) is a travel document which allows a person to enter and leave the region for which it is issued under prescribed terms and conditions. The VISA application allows the country / region to understand the applicant’s reason of VISA application, financial condition, circumstances and details regarding the previous visits to the country / region if any. The traveler / visitor may be or required to undergo pass security and / or physical health check upon arrival at airport / border.
  • Is VISA required for international travel ?
    For most of the countries around the globe, Yes. You need a valid VISA in order to enter or visit a country internationally prior to departing from India or country of residence. Very few countries provide VISA on arrival for Indian Tourists. VISA requirements and procurement norms differ country to country as per the favourable travel agreements with countries around the world with your country of residence / issued passport.
  • What is the time duration for processing VISA ?
    It depends on the country you are visiting. Some consulates / VISA issuers (like VFS) issue in a day, some may take weeks and some may take months depending on your nature and duration of visit to the country / region.
  • Is there a fee for VISA ? If yes, how much ?
    It depends on the travel agreement signed within countries. In few cases VISA fee may be waived off but in most cases you have to pay for the VISA. VISA fee differs from country to country you wish to visit and as per the type and duration of VISA applied for. You can check it on the website of VISA issuers like VFS or of the respective consulate.
  • Does an International Holiday booked with Vacations Exotica guarantee a VISA ?
    No. Vacations Exotica is just a facilitator for VISA application process and do not provide assurance or guarantee of granting of the VISA. Vacations Exotica only provides assistance in applying for visas while the decision to grant VISA solely lies up to the respective Consulate / Embassy of the country you wish to visit. Consulate/ Embassy can reject the VISA application under any circumstances. VISA application fees are non-refundable.
  • What happens if my VISA gets rejected?
    The Tour price is refunded after deducting the VISA application Fees and cancellation and administrative charges as applicable. VISA application fees are non-refundable.
  • Can the VISA extension rule be applied?
    Yes. But it will lead to an additional cost in case of VISA fee and Insurance Cost which will have to be borne by the traveler. In most cases the visa may need to be applied again.


  • What is Travel Insurance and what does it include?
    Travel insurance is back-up or cover for various kinds of risks you may encounter during your trip overseas or within India. It includes financial cover in case of death, accident, medical expense incurred during the trip, loss / delay of checked baggage, repatriation, passport loss and third part liability. However, the terms and conditions of the travel insurance need to be carefully studied.
  • Do I need Travel Insurance?
    It is always advisable to have Travel Insurance even for Indian holidays For International Travel it is mandatory. It is a good practice to get Travel Insurance prior to commencing your journey to protect oneself from any eventuality as governed by the Travel Insurance Company.
  • How much does Travel Insurance Cost & how much is the premium?
    The cost of travel Insurance depend on various factors such as age, duration of the journey, country or places you wish to visit and the benefits included in your insurance plan. Premium is charged as per pre-determined slabs you are categorized into as laid out by Travel Insurance Company.
  • Is Travel Insurance included in Holiday Packages?
    In case of Group Holidays Packages, Travel Insurance is included in the quote provided till age of 60 years. For persons above 60 and those with pre-existing ailments the charges will increase. Travel Insurance is not included in Customized or Themed Holidays. However, it is always advised to add Travel Insurance to your personalized packages prior to commencing your journey.


  • What is FOREX ?
    FOREX is the common abbreviation for foreign exchange which includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices.
  • Can Vacations Exotica provide Foreign Exchange for my International Travel?
    Yes. Vacations Exotica can facilitate Foreign Exchange for your travel at best available rates.
  • How much amount of foreign currency & currency notes can I carry traveling abroad ?
    As per Govt. of India / Reserve Bank of India rules and regulations, under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) maximum amount carried for leisure travel is USD 2,50,000 but only up to USD 2999 can be carried as currency notes while remaining have to be carried in Prepaid Forex Cards or Foreign Currency Travelers cheques.


  • What are payment modes available at Vacations Exotica ?
    We at Vacations Exotica accept Payments in Demand Drafts, Cash, Cheques (Subject to Realization), Credit cards & Debit Cards (At sales offices only) and Wire Transfer. The same is subject to Govt. of India / Reserve Bank of India regulations.
  • What are the cancellation charges ?
    The cancellation charges vary for each product. It depends on the cancellation / after sales policy of the product booked. However, applicable penalty / fees and administrative charges are non-refundable. For details we request you to get in touch with the respective sales staff.
  • What is the time taken to process a Refund ?
    At Vacations Exotica, we try to return the applicable refund amount at the earliest possible. Please note that each product and services take different refund processing time at the source. Once the refund is processed at the source, we forward the same to the recipient immediately. Our sales staff shall notify you immediately when your refund amount is ready for collection. In case of foreign currency, the refund is done in Indian Rupees (INR).
  • Is there a deadline for cancellation / apply for refund ?
    Yes. Some products have due date or deadline for cancellation / apply for refunds, while some a non-refundable by default. The refundable products have a time limit mentioned in cancellation or after sales policy. Please check and confirm for the details with the sales staff prior to booking. Past the due date refunds cancellation / refunds cannot be carried out.
  • How do I cancel a booking or request a refund ?
    Get in touch with our sales staff prior to cancellation / refund due date and request for booking cancellation / refund. Our sales staff will do the further needful. Please make sure to clarify all the cancellation / after sales policy of the booking while making / confirming your booking.


  • Does Vacations Exotica have its own cook in Group Holiday Packages ?
    No. Meals are arranged in Indian restaurants at nearby locations on tour.
  • What meals are included in the Group Holiday Packages ?
    Buffet Breakfast at the hotel, Indian Lunch at a Restaurant or a Packed meal ( in rare situation) & Indian Dinner at a Restaurant /or in Hotel are included.
  • What kind of meals are available on Group Holiday Packages ?
    In Group Holiday Packages preset Indian meals are provided for Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian diet. For Local & Jain Meals request should be made during booking are available.
  • Are porter services included ?
    Porter services are not included in any packages. However, they can be arranged at an additional charge. However it is important that a prior intimation or request is provided to the sales staff while confirming the booking in order to make necessary arrangements.
  • How many Tour Managers accompany in Group Holiday Tours ?
    In Group Holiday Tours 1 Tour Manager accompanies the group along with 1 local representatives / guides at local destinations and sightseeing.
  • Which languages do the Tour Managers of Group Holidays converse in ?
    We do have multi-linguistic tour managers. but primarily converse in English & Hindi. However, as per the requirement of passengers for a specified group we can arrange Multi-Linguistic Tour Managers who are fluent in most of the Indian languages.
  • How safe are my belongings and what guarantees my personal safety ?
    Its best advised that you do not carry valuable items while traveling. To guarantee your personal safety and that of the personal belongings it is mandatory that you follow the guidelines set / instructed by Tour Managers or Local Representatives / Guides at every step of your journey / sales staff and study the details mentioned in the briefing sheet.